Vegan Lifestyle Made Easy with Ethical Shopper


I’ve become so infatuated with a Vegan lifestyle and have researched and researched and researched. I want so desperately to follow this lifestyle, but I’ve yet to convince my parents, since I’m still living at home. Some have said to me “you won’t get b-12 on that diet, how are you going to get your calcium and iron” and many more things as to why vegan isn’t good for me. But I’ve found all the information that proves you can get all those nutrients from a vegan based lifestyle. Thanks to Ethical Shopper, going Vegan seems like the easiest and tastiest transition ever.


I was given Chicken-Style Nuggets, Cavalier Belgian Chocolate and Ziwi organic sparkling apple juice by the ever so lovely Shama, founder of Ethicalee (Ethical Shopper.)

ABOUT ETHICAL SHOPPER: Ethical Shopper specialises in ethical products which offer high quality food products which includes locally produced products, sustainable, eco friendly, organic, vegan, fair trade and allergy-friendly food. Their philosophy is simple – they like to reward producers who work hard for products that are better for us, our fellow animals, and our planet. They do not supply any farmed meat or dairy products as these violate the ethical criteria. They have alternative meats, like the Chicken-Style Nuggets used from legumes and other plant based products – and it tastes so good. So, so good.  You can pretty much find anything on there from hazelnut milk to baking supplies and you can shop by brand. Find more about them 

Chicken-Style Nuggets:


WOW OH WOW. Vegan seemed like a hard concept to grasp, but not with these. They are even SHAPED like real chicken nuggets and actual smell a lot like them, too. I was a bit skeptical about how they would taste, but they are SO GOOD. They don’t exactly taste like chicken, of course, since it’s made from grains and legumes. And those who don’t think we can get protein, we can. It’s full of protein! 2.4g. I ate 10 in about 2 seconds. This product is award-winning… wonder why! Made by Fry’s Family. “Making the world a better place, one veggie meal at a time.”


I washed that down with Ziwi, the first NZ organic sparkling organic apple juice. Shama recommended I have this one, and I agreed but was thinking it wasn’t going to be that great. My god was I so, so wrong. It’s like that sparkling grape juice you have at Christmas. My parents called it ‘kids wine’ when we were younger and we still call it that. We felt like grown ups! Ah, it’s great, and I wish I didn’t drink it so fast, because now I really want some more.


See, eating right isn’t boring, and these treats prove it!

Oh, and for dessert, I had the Cavalier Dark Belgian Chocolate. This was delicious and it really curbed my cravings for really sweet, naughty stuff. If I have, say, Cadbury chocolate, I don’t get full and just end up wanting more and more of it. With this, I can have a reasonable amount and put it down. This is vegan and sweetened with Stevia, a natural sugar plant.


The team at Ethical Shopper have such a good heart and are incredibly helpful and kind. They have FREE DELIVERY when you spend $50 at their store 

If you want to check out the resources for getting enough calcium, protein, iron and things like that, click here 

Thanks Ethical Shopper for your generosity and the commitment to helping the animals and the environment. Love what you’re doing!


common ground

Yep, it’s definitely not easy being a teenager, especially if you have a disability like I do. It gets tough! Us teenagers can hide things very well (I know I can), and it can be hard for others to help during those times, so thank goodness for Common Ground – Common Ground is a website for families, peers, friends and parents of young people who need information on supporting them while going through hard times. It’s a community where you can share knowledge and experience but also help others, too. Want to share YOUR experience with bullying, abuse, etc? Visit here:


oh man, who doesn’t love duty free? Oh, you don’t? Then you won’t want to be reading this, because I’ve got a duty free voucher to give away!

I stare endlessly at the huge Toblerone bars and perfume and things I don’t really need, but would love to get. It’s pretty much a mall inside an airport. Sadly, i’m not flying anywhere hot or romantic, so why shouldn’t I give it away to you lovely people?

There’s are more convenient way of shopping duty free – online! Go to this website, buy what you would like and they will have it there at the duty free place for you to pick up. It will be ready and waiting! Cool, huh?

just leave a comment here on the blog and on Monday, 20th of October, I’ll pick a winner and you will get $50 of luxury.

Good luck x

stay-at-home girl

what it’s like to hardly leave the house

No, i’m not a 30 year old living in my mothers basement, playing video games and stroking my cat. I’m seventeen living in my mothers… just kidding, I’m not that crazy ok. but I am still living at home, as obviously i’m still a teenager. homeschooled.

I once did go off to school, for the most part of my teenage years, riding on the school bus there and back home again. God, that was tiring and the people at school were just stupid and talked about stupid things and it was just STUPID. Here’s where it gets kind of funny – long story short, I got sick and I had to do school from home. At first, I kind of enjoyed not waking up super early and catching the bus and being around people who thought rape jokes were funny and all that – but it got bad. I got depressed, i resented the people who didn’t contact me, i got mad and wanted to throw things at windows and scream. Oh, I screamed alright, that was the least violent thing to do, but it was probably violent to some peoples ears, let me tell you. I’m a screecher alright. I did throw a slightly wet book at my wall, as you do, and it still has blue ink there. There’s probably a lot of things I did that I can’t remember now, because you know what? time passes. It really does, and what seemed the most terrible of times had gone.

Yeah, the only friends I seemed to have was my dog, the cat, the 5 chickens we have adopted (for now) and the 8 ducks that come around sometimes. That seemed alright to me, but probably to you, you’re thinking ‘ she’s a loser… who has pets as friends?’ Yeah, maybe I didn’t have friends anymore, but over time i didn’t want friends. i evolved to forgetting what it felt like. Having someone to laugh with and be weird with. At that point i no longer needed anyone, i no longer needed to talk to anyone and it just felt normal because that’s how I had been living. I was pushed to go out and spend time with the old friends that i had – but i just couldn’t. i didn’t want to get to know them all over again, it was just too draining, and it still is.

I mean, i was at home all day, with no one around but my mum downstairs, so it felt like no one was really around me anyway. it was silent and i felt so big in the house, like i was outgrowing everything. I felt like i couldn’t go out because i was sick and i didn’t want to go in a wheelchair because that was also depressing. No one wants to feel like that. So, my only option, I thought was to stay inside. It wasn’t great, i’ll admit, but you get to appreciate who you are and just sit down and actually get to know yourself. who are you? what do you want to be? what do you want people to see you as? are you treating your parents right? are you working hard? all those things that they forget about because you’re too busy trying to impress others instead of impressing yourself. It’s hard to be at home, but i got used to it, and it helped me be a better person. I actually think this all happened for a reason, you know? i was meant to get sick, i was meant to figure things out and find my path again, even if i was making myself a little bit mad.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love going outside, but for the most part of my day I had to spend it inside doing school. It felt like that I was imprisoned. I wasn’t, though, I could go outside, and I realise that now.

what am i trying to tell you? stay at home sometimes, you don’t always have to be with your friends on the weekends. talk to your parents, sleep in, write down your feelings, just figure out what you are doing. everything will be alright. it’s all meant to happen, and even if you are down right sufferings, it will definitely pass. just give yourself time. you deserve it.

My favourite bloggers

I have an interest in writing, which is not surprising since I’m writing to you guys most of all – but, how do I become a successful writer?

The answer probably sounds obvious to everyone else, especially non-writers, but I thought if I talked to writers who I looked up to, and could write great content, that they would have this miracle tip to help me. Fortunately, and, surprisingly, it was simple.

She basically told me ‘Write as much as you possibly can, read as much as you possibly can.’ Quite frankly I knew this already, but as I said, I was waiting for this miracle that everyone was keeping a secret from me. This one particular woman was incredibly helpful and gave me a lot of advice that I could start on. She also said that I should start a blog. Oh girl, I’m already on it. I know for a fact, (well maybe not) that I will never be a successful blogger. I mean, have you SEEN how many bloggers are out there? I know of about 200 bloggers that I am in a group with, just in New Zealand, but there’s a lot more that aren’t in the group. My favourite’s here are Katherine Lowe from Katherine is Awesome, and Maddy Budd from Maddy Budd’s Blog. They are both in the same friends circle and are such cool – don’t question it. I feel kind of rude saying this but they are connected to Lorde and just other really cool people, but not just because of Lorde. I kinda wish I had a friends group like theirs.

Hopefully I can make a living off writing, whether it be in conjunction with music, songwriting or writing in general. I never thought I’d admit to saying that I want to pursue it, because I never read any books and I thought peoples writing were super cheesy, but it’s really amazing how words can fit together and make you feel something.



Oasis Sun BB Cream – 100% Natural

bb cream

I’m really excited to write this post because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever put on my face.

If you know me, I really hate makeup, but my skin looks awful a lot of the time, especially around my nose. My nose is most of the time severely red and gets flaky and sore. Plus my skin isn’t really that clear and sometimes I would really like something light to cover it up.

This stuff really is a miracle. It’s organic and has nothing nasty in it. This is the Oasis Sun BB Cream in Bardot for light-medium skin tone. When I got it and put some on my fingers I was dissapointed because it looked so dark but it went so good on my skin. My skin is so pale so I was freaking out but it’s OK!

It’s a light coverage, which I love, because I don’t want a cakey look and don’t really want people to know I have make up on. And while it’s on your skin, it’s doing good stuff to it with things like apricot kernel, shea butter, jojoba and vitamins.



The photos I have of me with it and without it didn’t really work out so please trust my judgement

I’m so happy it’s organic as other BB creams make me feel bad.