The Edge posts raunchy photos of Jennifer Lawrence without consent

I was outraged when I realized The Edge radio station posted fully naked photographs of Jennifer Lawrence after they were leaked online, onto their Facebook page. There were many comments in favour of the photographs, but like me, many were outraged. The Edge felt the need to take down our comments because we complained.

Firstly – what are they trying to teach us? First they put the photos up but only for 18 year olds – but you can fake your age any way so everyone could view it. ZM had much more explicit photographs, so The Edge decided they would post those too!Of course they took that down many hours later so they wouldn’t get in any more trouble. Then, they decide to put it straight back up. Saving themselves, they have said “due to legal reasons, we are unable to host the images (and to be honest we don’t really want to) but if you must check them out you will find them here.” They actually post a link to the photos! What is the point in saying they don’t want to post them but they do it anyway? They are trying to save their sorry asses.

Excuse my language but here we are, in New Zealand, supporting the hacker who got the photographs and posting photographs of Jennifer without her consent. I didn’t think New Zealand would snoop that low. Celebrity or not – it’s her privacy and it must be embarrassing for her.

The Edge are basically telling us that it is OK to post pictures of someone else without their consent. Imagine having your photos all over the internet for everyone to look at it. It’s wrong and disgusting.

Why did they feel the need to post this? It’s juvenile. This is rape culture and it’s not OK to bring someone down like that. She is a human being – which people seem to forget.
I can’t believe the example they are setting.

Through posting the photos to the Facebook page, people now have access to the photos and can share them with their friends and share them with their friends and so it goes on. The whole world is seeing these photos. How devastating for Jennifer. Everyone deserves their privacy, right? Or am I just overreacting? It’s just a bit of fun? It’s unacceptable – I’m only 17! These people should know better!

Shame on The Edge and ZM radio stations.

Today I realized I can be anyone I want. I’ve always kept my past in the present even if I didn’t want that. All my insecurities are kept in my handbag and I feel like I can never empty it. But I can empty them if I really stopped caring what every one else thinks of me and what I think of myself.

When I was little I remember being a really confident kid until I was taller than everyone in my class, I got teased for ‘bugs bunny’ teeth and I was really chubby. For too long I’ve keep up the feelings/insecurities that I got from these experiences and don’t know any different. It’s been bred into me and it’s normal for me!

But I don’t have to feel that way, even though it’s hard to get out of the habit I’ve always carried around.

I can be confident and I can do anything if I wanted to.

“Life’s too short to be sitting ’round miserable.” – Rihanna


Zoe’s 5 Friday Favourites

I’m a sucker for Art work. Laura Junger Illustrations:

parisian girl

child birth

Children are expensive, we get it.



Little & Friday! They are a little shop that started out with selling foods on Fridays, now they have three stores in Auckland and are open 7 days a week. I really want to go here, I mean, look at their desserts! dessrt





I love anything vintage, like this outfit from Vacancy New Zealand.

vintage vacancy









apple ukelele

thank you for making this, it makes me happy. They make cupcake guitars, apple ukuleles, cat sound holes, PAC man guitar and anything you can imagine. Found here.


I’m in love with this song since it was playing on the X Factor Australia ad!

I had so much fun making this!

Zoe’s 5 Friday Favourites


I’ve heard about this Cauliflower Pizza, and now I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE. I thought this was such a good idea, especially for those who are gluten-free or want to cut down on calories. I was so excited about this that I’m going to be making it tonight! Click for the recipe I’m using here

pear house

Uh… how cool is this Pear House from Rock and Pebble?! They also have an Apple House. This is such a good idea and would love to put jewelry, a candle and bits and bobs on it.

pitch zinePitch Zine are an Australian online publication that support art, photography, fashion and design. They post the most peculiar, beautiful things online and have found lots of cool, creative people that inspire me. I did a blog post about Art That Can Be Eaten, and I got the inspiration from Pitch.

vintage bikes

I’ve always had a dream of having a vintage bike with the cute basket in the front, riding to a local organics shop and buying fresh produce in a nice dress with a top tied around my waist. Too much? I just really like these Ladies Vintage Bikes from New Zealand.

blue bike





I’ve been looking for journals/notebooks/diaries for my birthday, and I’ve already found one, but look at these really cute ones from an Etsy store!

farm journal


Happy Holidays and TGIF!

Frank Stationery helping children in need




frank stationery

Yeah, you might think a blog post about stationery is really boring, but please keep reading.

Frank Stationery makes sure that every child gets the stationery they need. I mean, I remember being at primary school and so many kids in my class didn’t have something as simple as a pencil, let alone any books, then getting in trouble for it. But with Frank Stationery, for every piece of stationery you buy, they give the same to a child in need. Now that’s really special.

Poverty is a big problem in New Zealand; lots of kids go without shoes, warm clothes and stationery that they need for school. Frank Stationery are here to disrupt this and do something positive about it.

And hey, their stationery is really trendy stuff.

Here is what I got:

frank stationary 2

I got the Blue Stripes Notebook and the Marco Pencil Case in Lavender. You can even get Backpacks!

Why Frank Stationery is here: “285,000 children in New Zealand live in poverty. 180,000 of those children experience extreme material hardship, including lack of school resources. Providing a child with the tools to be educated is extremely important. Writing, recording and drawing are all developmental corner stones to a good future. Our passion is to see these children get the most out of their education, disrupting the cycle of poverty.”

This is something really dear to my heart, and since I love writing, I couldn’t imagine living without stationery myself, so why are other children missing out? You don’t have to let this happen. Buy from Frank Stationery today and help a child out!




Things to do, people to see, places to go!



AMSTERDAM – I was watching the film The Fault in our Stars and the main characters visit Amsterdam. The scenery really blew me away – such a beautiful place, where Anne Frank lived in hiding. This is definitely a place I need to go, even if it’s just to see the Anne Frank Museum. What a story it is, a very sad story.

anne frank writing

inside the diary 2

TORONTO, CANADA – Although Toronto Canada is such a lovely, beautiful city full of history, it’s not the only reason I would love to go. I’d love to meet my very dear friend and pen-pal.


amazing street art

It always feels good when you stay at a nice hotel, but when you travel, it’s probably not the best place to get in touch with the locals. The people of where you are going are not going to hang around hotels. Toronto has some really great street art, by the way.

ROME – Come on, you can’t not visit Rome. There is so much rich history. I mean, look at the Colosseum – don’t tell me that’s not amazing.


Pictures Colour Library  - PCL

NEW YORK – “New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” I just feel really happy thinking about it. Did you know the Statue of Liberty was gifted to the United States by France? How generous.

new york




These four destinations are at the top of my list of places to go… in the very far future when I have money…

My Rare Condition can’t get in the way of achieving my dreams – you can help me do this!

zzz moochi

I was looking around the internet for Feature Articles about those in wheel chairs, to get some inspiration for my English assignment. I clicked on a link about Chelsey Jay who achieves modelling dream despite being confined to a wheelchair because of a rare condition that causes her to faint every time she stands up.

This condition is called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and I have the exact same condition. I was miss-diagnosed at the age of 13 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but soon found out it was POTS. I’m now almost 17, living life with a day to day struggle and having to use a wheelchair for most things.

Although I’m not as bad as Chelsea, being able to stand for 7 minutes, I still struggle with this and often think about all the things I cannot do.

Chelsey had dreams to be a model, but soon was struck down by this illness and she felt like her dreams were over. But, she caught the attention of modelling agency called Models of Diversity and is now modelling for a well-known clothing brand called Boohoo.

Who are they? They advocate for more diversity in models, demanding fashion and marketing agencies to recognize the beauty in women, especially those with disabilities like me. It’s absolutely amazing what Models of Diversity do for women who are large, short, those of different race, old or facing a disability. I’m not sure why these people aren’t eligible to be models. Do we have to be tall, skinny and beautiful to be top models? Sadly, yes, but not in this case.

At Morse Code Apparel they are looking for models to become the face of their brand. There is no age, gender, race or ability restrictions for this competition which I’m very happy about.

I like the thought of being a model, especially for a brand like Morse Code Apparel, and if you could help me achieve that, that would be so lovely.

All you have to do is click this link here and like and comment on my picture.

Visit Models of Diversity here and Morse Code Label here

Article about Chelsey here

Dreams can come true – for anybody!