Vital Zing Electrolyte Drink

So long story short, I have Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and so to help me get some more energy, I need electrolyte drinks. My mum bought me straight electrolytes, which is really disgusting so I hardly used it. It was just a bit of a hassle. But she found out about this drink Vital Zing and […]

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Today I realized I can be anyone I want. I’ve always kept my past in the present even if I didn’t want that. All my insecurities are kept in my handbag and I feel like I can never empty it. But I can empty them if I really stopped caring what every one else thinks […]

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Zoe’s 5 Friday Favourites

I’m a sucker for Art work.┬áLaura Junger Illustrations: Children are expensive, we get it.   Little & Friday! They are a little shop that started out with selling foods on Fridays, now they have three stores in Auckland and are open 7 days a week. I really want to go here, I mean, look at […]

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Zoe’s 5 Friday Favourites

I’ve heard about this Cauliflower Pizza, and now I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE. I thought this was such a good idea, especially for those who are gluten-free or want to cut down on calories. I was so excited about this that I’m going to be making it tonight! Click for the recipe I’m using here Uh… […]

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My Rare Condition can’t get in the way of achieving my dreams – you can help me do this!

I was looking around the internet for Feature Articles about those in wheel chairs, to get some inspiration for my English assignment. I clicked on a link about Chelsey Jay who achieves modelling dream despite being confined to a wheelchair because of a rare condition that causes her to faint every time she stands up. […]

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