weariness and boredom takes me on an expedition

Photo on 29-08-15 at 3.25 pm #2

Three o clock: What do I do now? Dad snoring on the couch, head back. Gloomy day. There’s so much more time and I’m bored. So I decide to take pictures. It’s somewhat soothing and I like that any picture can come out relatively good and capture what my surroundings are. Being creative is what I do best.

boredom 1

dogs are so curious.

boredom chicken

so are chickens.

boredom eggs

the things they leave behind

boredom lemons

boredom self

I like reflections; you can have a picture that shows two sides. Like a story, there are always two sides. This is my reflection and the background and a picture of a room

boredom egg carton

I really, really like this picture for some reason. Maybe the patterns and the colour.

boredom sky

boredom woodpile

the anatomy of a woodpile

boredom light

I love the light that seeps through our front door

boredom door


boredom vase

Tracey Chapmans Fast Car, Forever A Hit

Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car is such a classic. Released in 1988, before I was even born, it still has an affect on everyone. It has this atmosphere to it that makes you feel like staring out the window or closing your eyes intensely and tapping your foot and swaying your head and singing loudly ‘Had a feeling I could be someone, be someone’ or the ‘leave tonight or LIVE AND DIE THIS WAY’ – that lyric always hits me hard. LEAVE TONIGHT OR LIVE AND DIE THIS WAY, work hard or LIVE AND DIE THIS WAY.

Summery day in winter

today sunlight

Yesterday was very lovely – I woke up to a summery day in Winter and knew it was going to be great. I had an amazing songwriting lesson followed by a phone call that Dolphins were in the estuary. So I quickly gather myself out of the house, down the driveway in fast motion and follow where people were already watching. It’s very beautiful when they come in. I had missed them. I wish I had swam with them. Today is another of those days – nostalgic of summer, and the smell of summer. I saw birds with yellow heads and music wafting in the distance. I decided to take some pictures.

today trees

today bushed

today deck



I’ve had a conscious realisation about a number of things tonight; why I am creative and why I write and sing, why I feel so deeply, what matters and doesn’t matter.

I was watching TV, and there was a show about what beauty meant. And to some it meant having beautiful skin and great clothing. I looked at the people walking the streets, in their fashionable clothing and their fashionable bags filled with fashionable things. I know one thing – clothing can make you feel great about yourself, but that’s about it. It’s not fulfilling, in a life that is so dull.

Which brings me to why I write – writing makes life seem to much brighter and fuller and richer. Reading over the words. When you look up, everything is full of in contentment and sadness. Longing for somewhere else. Longing for more. To be free from a restricted life. How could it possibly be better I think to myself. How is it going to be different from now? Is this what life feels like? Because it feels awfully dull.

Which also brings me to make up, and writing about fashion – I just don’t get it. I’ve written reviews and yes, it’s fun to get free things, but it doesn’t do anything to me. It doesn’t make me any happier. I’m not interested in it, and neither are you. No one really gives a fuck.

I’m a deep thinker and a sensitive person, and I wonder a lot – do people ever have thoughts? Do they ever think? Is it just me? I can’t seem to imagine a life without art. How are people functioning without it? I think it’s also sad that people haven’t listened to music that makes them cry or dance – do people know that that can happen?

Some people seem to look at me as a dumb blonde, and some people are surprised when they see my writing. Some didn’t think I was capable. No one really knows me. My thoughts are wild.

I just read an article about The Essential Sadness of Art – it’s so true that all art comes from a place of sadness and wanting to fill that gap and emptiness. Life is unfulfilling and art can fill that empty void. When you’re in a moment it doesn’t seem as great until you look back and see photos. Why can’t the moment be as great as the memory?

This post comes from passion. It’s messy. It’s human. Why isn’t there more of this? No one cares about what you’re eating for lunch or who your famous friends are; everyone just wants to have a happy life.

JOJO (remember her?) IS BACK!



if you follow JOJO on Instagram, you’ll have seen her dropping hints and little sneak peaks for her ‘Tringle,’ a release of three new singles “Say Love” “Save My Soul” and “When Loves Hurts” which dropped Thursday, August 21st.

It’s been NINE YEARS, I repeat: NINE YEARS since her iconic album High Road was released in 2006 with her best known songs (and also my favourites) ‘Leave (Get out)’ and ‘Too Little Too Late.’ At that time she was a little youngin’ – only 15! Uh, now it’s bringing back all the memories of my childhood. 

The now 24 year old singer is bringing her music back with her new record label, Atlanta Records, after a split from Blackground Records whom she was signed to at just 12.

jojo 2

Her album called ‘Tringles’ will be her third album with lots of beautiful pop melodies that will make you want to dance – and her voice is stronger than ever, which she flaunts in Instagram videos. Not sure if her new songs will be as big of a hit as her previous songs but can definitely hear ‘When Love Hurts’ on the radio.

She’s just launched her website ‘IAMJOJOOFFICIAL‘ where you can listen to her new songs. I hope they can be just as good as her other hits.

Follow her on Instagram to keep up!

I’m SO EXCITED to have her back and hope it’s a success.

Essential Winter + Daily Products

essential products for winter

I’ve compiled the products I use daily and the products that are saving my life through winter. I don’t get sick much as I stay at home, but there’s always something that is going on otherwise.

From left to right: Physiogel Moisturiser, Justin Bieber perfume, Rexona motion sense deodorant, Vaporub, Blistex, Eyebrow pencil and Garnier BB Cream.

My skin is pathetic and dry, and every day I’m waking up with red and irritated spots around my nose, lips and forehead and using the Physiogel makes it go away and cures it for the whole day, but usually comes back in the morning.

Just to clarify, I won that Justin Bieber perfume… not a fan of him but a fan of his perfume.

Got sent this motion sense deodorant and it actually does last longer. YAY.

OK. VAPORUB. Throat has been sore and nose blocked and it works to unblock it and smells nice. Love menthol.

BLISTEX. I have no idea what is happening to my lips right now, but they look a bit like Kylie Jenner’s lips and they’re sore and itchy. UH.

The eyebrow pencil I don’t use that often, my brows are already quite dark and my eyelashes are really long so that’s why I don’t use mascara but it’s nice to use sometimes.

BB cream from Garnier. I never know what I’m doing when it comes to makeup so I just went with this one and it’s good. It’s in light.

What’s inside my Lust Have It Beauty Bag + $5 off first box

lush have it beauty bag

Sort of having a second birthday today (since having 18th birthday late July) as my second ever Lust Have It box arrived. This one is by far (although yes, I’ve only had two) the best one yet because it all came inside a translucent pink bag that I can use when I’m travelling or staying overnight somewhere. I love it so, so much. They say the only have 5 to 6 items but technically this is 7.

It came with Be A Bombshell lipstick ($24 The One Stick Southern Belle) and lip gloss ($21 In saucy Taupeless), Hikari eyeshadow quads ($22,50, and what do you know, the last shadow bottom left is called Zoe!), Paula’s Choice Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Serum ($52), Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner (YAY ORGANIC and it’s in Pitch Black, $33.50) and a bonus gift of Garnier Fructis Full and Luscious Shampoo and Conditioner ($5.95) which smells AMAZING. It’s like strawberry heaven. Everything is super good quality and so pretty, I can’t stop looking at it all. It’s only $20 which is SUPER CHEAP if you were to buy them all individually which totals to $158.95.

lust have it empty bag

lust have it items altogether

lipstick scphere

In love with this Be A Bombshell Lip Stick – it’s in a Cylinder shape which feels really nice to the touch and I love the black colour. You can put this on lips, cheeks for blusher or contouring and on your eyelids. Use it sparingly – I put way too much on and it looks like I’m embarrassed.

lipstick colour


There are four different types of Hikari eyeshadow and mine comes in Emma: Sable, Bone, Chestnut, Wine. The others you can get are – GWEN: Lagoon, Breeze, Disco, Coal. HALLE: Almond, Champagne, Majestic, Brownie. ZOE: Violet, Haze, Coal, Champagne. The colours are so pretty and it’s easy to open thankfully. There are so many that are hard to open and the shadow flies everywhere.

hikari eye shadow

anti wrinkle lust

organic eye liner

I’m going to come back and let y’all know what I think of the Garnier Shampoo/Conditioner. It smells AMAZING so I’m sure it will be good.


It is SO WORTH the $20. Click on the banner below to get $5 off on Lust Have It Australia