I’ve been vegan for maybe 7 months now, but toward the end I’ve been adding some dairy from time to time, but I like to stay vegan as much as possible because the dairy isn’t making me feel good anymore.

Last Christmas, I found the company Angel Food, which make dairy free alternative foods, perfect for those who can’t consume dairy or are vegan. (But it’s not just for those people, it’s enjoyed by dairy and meat consumers, too!) I purchased their mozzarella (which I put on pizza for Christmas dinner) and also their parmesan, which I can say is AMAZING, (perfect for eggplant parmesan, but that’s another story.) They don’t just have cheeses, they also have smokonut which is made of coconut that is turned into bacon and there are also meringues!


They’ve just come out with two new products; Cheesy Sauce Mix in Mild and Tasty. FINALLY I can have macaroni and cheese, lasagnes, put it on vegetables and make nachos. This time round, I’m going to be testing out the Tasty flavour for my nachos, and try the Mild one in another blog post.

  • NACHOS: Things you’ll need:
  • ANGEL FOOD Cheesy Sauce Mix – Tasty
  • non-dairy milk (I used almond milk)
  • Beans (preferably kidney, I also used cannelini) or if you eat meat, use mince too
  • (optional) pasta sauce
  • (optional) nacho seasoning
  • corn chips (any kind you have/like)
  • (optional) avocado

All you need to do is add beans to a pan with seasoning and pasta sauce on a medium heat until cooked. This took about 5 minutes. Lay corn chips into a dish or onto a plate, pour beans over the top. For the sauce, add half a cup of dry mixture into a pan and slowly add 2-3 cups of non dairy milk depending on how thick you want it. It will take 3 minutes, but you can do this in the microwave, if you’d like, but it took too long so I put it in a pan on a medium heat and it immediately thickened, so I suggest doing that. Pour as much as you like onto the nacho mix, and there you have it. Add toppings if you like.



My opinion is that the mozzarella and parmesan would go better on here, and that this sauce is better suited to lasagne and pastas, but it still was great. It’s not real cheese, so it’s obviously not going to taste like real cheese, but it has that cheesy flavour, sort of like carbonara. It’s not my favourite but it’s still nice.

In my next post i’ll be trying out the Mild Cheesy Sauce mix with vegetables! Because who likes vegetables? It’s always better with sauce.

Did you know that Hells Pizza have a vegan pizza, using Angel Food Mozzarella cheese? Now you do! Go get one… and tell me what it’s like! Go and try ANGEL FOOD products, you can go to their website and find out if it’s stocked near you.





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Physiogel – Your Skin Savour


My initial thoughts on Physiogel was that it was a gel for physiotherapy patients! I clearly had no clue what it really was. It’s a product specially formulated for sufferers of dry, sensitive skin. Hey, that pretty much sums up my skin, unfortunately. The creams and lotions contain BioMimic Technology that closely matches the protective lipid layer of the skin helping it to repair and retain moisture. Hallelujah! Finally a product for me…

I didn’t use this product enough to see the benefits over time, but I did use it over a few days. I believe the Calming Relief Cream is better than the Calming Relief Lotion just because it’s easier to apply but they are both equally as good.

I get very bad irritation and dry skin around my nose so I’ve been using it on that but it looks greasy and it’s all oily on the hands. I’ve used a moisturiser for my nose before and it’s done some good but a few hours later it comes back flaky and dry, and Physiogel hasn’t done that, so maybe it is doing the trick. It doesn’t feel the best on my face, just because I can feel it and it’s all oily but the Calming Relief Lotion does wonders on my arms. I have an eczema-type rash on my arms that never goes away but the Calming Relief lotion/cream literally made it calm down. It’s getting really hot at the moment and during hot times my rash gets very blotchy and red so this will be perfect for that!

I got a bit sunburnt on my face a few days ago so I decided to use the Calming Relief Cream on my face and it was so soothing, cool and calming which made the redness in my cheeks reduce. Maybe if you don’t have any Aloe Vera for burns you could use this instead as a back up.

I just put some on my legs, yeah they feel wonderful. No more severely dry legs that look like fish scales! Maybe I will fall in love with my skin again…

I really suggest you give this a go if you have dry, irritated and sensitive skin like me, just because it’s really hard to find a product directly targeted at our skin type and i’ve found that it’s hard to find something for me that will actually work. It’s worth trying!

For more information, head over to Physiogels website here and to see the products click here

Money Can Buy Happiness

it’s quite ironic for people to tell me ‘money isn’t everything’ or ‘you can’t buy happiness,’ but some people can tell me ‘oh, studying music/art won’t make you much money. It’s not going to get you anywhere. This degree/ job is going to get you the most money.’

Now what does that say to you? It’s saying to me that money is important but isn’t important. Do you get what I’m trying to say? We grow up in a world where money dictates how great our lives can be. Yeah, you can be poor but happy and wealthy and sad and blah blah blah, but if we all had the money we needed, just the right amount, we could live the lives we wanted. We could give generously, we can feed our kids. Those parents don’t have to steal things anymore to get money for their children. Theft rates will go down, people will be more content with their lives if money wasn’t the issue. Money seems to be the sole issue in everyones lives.

People work just to live. Why aren’t we entitled to a life where we can have purpose and meaning and happiness. Not a lot of people can have purpose and meaning if they don’t have the money to do it. Money starves people. Did you get what i’m saying here? MONEY STARVES PEOPLE OF A PROSPEROUS LIFE.

I sound stupid, don’t I? I sound selfish and have no idea what the meaning of life is. I do, in fact, but money plays a factor in our lives. Money can buy happiness. It can fix poverty and starvation and crime and build homes. It can give countries fresh food and water to grow and function like every human being should be entitled to. Instead, the government, say, wants to build a new stadium instead of feeding starving kids. They’ll spend 22 million of a new flag. We don’t need that crap.

What was life like before technology?

What was life like before technology? Before Facebook, before selfies before any of it. Was it beautiful? Did you embrace love? I don’t mean love you hear in songs, but real love. Did you call your best friend every night? Did you search for hours in the library for the topic you were studying on. Did you make up stories because you couldn’t scroll endlessly through social networks. Did you have a purpose?

Fair-T T’shirts taking care of the world

born to ride

I’ve been waiting for a wee while for something I really want to write about. I have been struggling to find something that I can really talk about and want to share with people, and I’VE FOUND IT. THEM. FAIR-T.

Fair-T popped up onto my Twitter. They are so lucky because I signed up to Twitter AGES AGO and NEVER went on it. I didn’t understand it. Anyway, I’ve become an addict and I’m quite happy about that because of Fair-T. They are a group of cool as people who love sports and crazy things like jumping off buildings. Just kidding, but they are into that adrenaline-junkie stuff. They “give a shit” about the conditions most clothing is made in so they’ve created $100 ethical, Fair-trade clothing, hence the name Fair-T.

I’ve seen other companies do this but the clothing looked horrible. For a change, Fair-T’s t’shirts are magnificent. They are just really cool. I mean, I’d wear them! The photo above is a women wearing a t’shirt from the women’s wear collection. I quite like the boy collection stuff, too…

fair-t surf

This is from the men’s Surf Collection, called the Fair-T Wave.

OMG. They have a Hand Drawn Collection with amazing drawings. So beautiful.

cotton bail


LOOK AT THESE. HOLY CRAP. (Sorry for my language.)

“When you’re wearing a Fair-T product you will be making a difference to cotton farmers’ lives and the communities they live in. We are also doing whatever we can to reduce our carbon footprint! Therefore, our collection consists of a combination of environmentally friendly Tees and Fairtrade certified Tees! We like to keep things fresh, so keep a look out for new designs at!”

These guys are doing amazing stuff, and to support them, click on the link above and buy a t’shirt. Click here for their Facebook Page