What’s a pinner test? + How to + results!

IMG_0300 So I follow plant strong vegan on Instagram and I saw a post about Pinner Test and was really interested to know what it was. Basically it’s a test where you give a very small sample of blood by pricking your finger (doesn’t hurt much) and dabbing it on a provided towel and sending it off with your information to find out if you are intolerant to any foods that could be making you feel sick or gain weight. It came with a big shock though, almost $500! If you were really concerned though, I would consider doing it, or if it’s covered by insurance.


I think the test is really great because you can know exactly what is making your stomach feel upset or a food that is making you gain weight which I’m sure a lot of people would want to know. Weet-bix has A LOT of fibre (and I have this weird dumping syndrome thing where my body doesn’t digest food quick enough and just dumps it into the intestines) so it makes me feel really disgusting and sluggish (which is annoying because I love it so much) so I’m just going to guess that wheat is probably not for me. We’ll have to wait and see for the results which I will post again here when they arrive. But yeah, it would be really great to know exactly what is and what isn’t happening with my body because I feel like I don’t have control over it. pinner test BLOOD The Pinnertest reports intolerances for 200 food items and is the worlds most advanced food intolerance test, which is amazing because of the small amount of blood they need to do it. It determines the severity of the food sensitivity on a scale of 1-3 (3 being bad) and also shows the passive intolerances. I’m hoping I provided enough blood for this though… I’m not going to show you how it works but it’s like I said at the top, and then you fill out your name, address, and email (as they send the results by email.) They’re such simple steps and doesn’t take long to do.


pinner test foods

Stay tuned for the results! Also click here to find out more, go to video on how to use it or even buy!


“My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school” – Margaret Mead.

I was thinking about how creativity is killed by education and sparks perfectionism. Thinking back to making art at school I did a lot of ‘wrong things’ but being creative isn’t copying other peoples ideas it’s about being original and inventive. We are then taught that academic ability is more intelligent and more useful and that being a musician, an artist or a dancer isn’t good enough and that these arts, things I like, are discouraged because you can’t get a job doing that, and that you need to go to university to get a degree and get a ‘real’ job or you have failed in not doing so. Academic ability is not the only form of intelligence and I think it’s sad how a lot of people are taught out of creativity and are shown that making a mistake is wrong and that we grow up in fear or doing something wrong when we have to do something wrong to be original.

After these thoughts i found a great ted talk that shares the same ideas as me, and i think you should read it. It’s by Ken Robinson and you can click here to watch or for an animation that is shorter click here 

GIVEAWAY | WEBJET VOUCHERS (flights or Accommodation)


GIVEAWAY! I follow a blog called Tara Milk Tea. She’s from Australia and is in New Zealand right now, promoting the North Island with flight centre and New Zealand 100% Pure (where I hail from) which is super exciting. The North Island has so much to offer, so i’m giving away a $50 Webjet.co.nz voucher for flights or accommodation. How cool is that? Now you can fly to the North Island (if you wish) and eat lots of delicious food at the Bay of Islands like Tara has done. (I recommend 35 Degrees South Restaurant, Aquarium and Bar)


just comment on this post or go to The Late Club Facebook page here  and you’re in the draw. I’ll be drawing the winner in the next week. x

Lust Have it: Australian Beauty Box + Review!

lust have it

IMG_0299Let me be honest here – I have no clue when it comes to beauty.

I don’t wear make up (which is a choice, also can’t be bothered) and so I wouldn’t even know where to start. What is primer and what is this and how do I use it? But what I do know how to use is BB cream – slap that on your face and you’re ready to go, and mascara is easy – but I never wear that, because i’m blessed with long eye-lashes. So now you’re getting that i’m hopeless at make up and simply don’t need it – yes! But I do love lip stick. And of course I love beauty, (I’m a girl!) so please don’t get me wrong.

Lust Have It box, the leading beauty subscription box in Australia, send you a box of beauty goodies each month for cheap as. In mine I got 5 items and of all good quality, big and small. I loved that a lot of the stuff was cruelty free/not tested on animals/vegan – my favourite. If you know me, you know that I love getting things in the mail – and better yet – that you don’t know what you’re getting – so basically it’s your birthday every month. I love that! I get a surprise and something new; something I haven’t tried or dared to have tried. Oh – and don’t worry – they ship to New Zealand!

There are different boxes suited to you – a fashion and beauty box, eco box, and you can get it monthly or annually. The different boxes are called ‘Beauty Obsessed Box, Natural Beauty Box (that’s probably my taste) and Fashion Lover Box.


What I got:

  • TZ (teeez) Moisturising lip stick in a deep red (above) AND IT’S CARAMEL GUYS – IT TASTES AND SMELLS LIKE CARAMEL AND IT’S THE BEST. I don’t think I would ever have bought it because I suck remember – so I’m happy about this one. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never had a proper lipstick before. It’s very cute.
  • ChapStick Hydration Lock – it’s really cool – it has one stick on each end. This will soon be snapped up by my sister (who I gave NINE chapsticks to and were lost like bobby pins.)
  • The Cosmetic Kitchen FOOT MASK – never heard of a foot mask but sounds incredible. Unfortunately you need Coconut Oil. I guess I could use normal oil?
  • The Cosmetic Kitchen Dry Body Scrub – these are both not tested on animals and vegan! Yay!
  • Nak thermal shield protection sealant for when you use straighteners/curlers/hair dryers so that you don’t damage your hair. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Also will be stolen by sisters.



IMG_0287So basically you need to buy this because they carry major brands, it’s only $20 and you get 5 products which would cost way more than what you’re paying so it’s a win win situation. There are brands like Trilogy, Benefit, Revlon and lots of other big brands.


My Opinion on Belle Gibson’s Cancer Lies

Belle Gibson, a young woman living with cancer, had inspired many people by curing her many cancers with alternative medicine. She had an app with nutritious recipes and a big community of followers who were sympathetic of her situation. They bought her app, they commented on her instagram, they shared their personal stories and flicked through her Whole Pantry book. But she could not be trusted. Her cancer story was a lie.

I had followed her on Instagram myself and looked up to her. I contemplated buying her app and making healthy chocolate chip cookies. I felt sorry for her. This woman was, what I thought, thriving with cancer. But what I didn’t know, was that she was thriving off her lies.

Recently 9 news had a 60 minute interview with her that I watched from my computer. I thought she was going to apologise and admit her wrong-doings and maybe take responsibility for her actions. But she didn’t seem sorry at all, all I know (from this interview) was that she was very convincing. Throughout the interview I sometimes thought ‘Hey, she could be telling the truth here,’ but that was quickly subsided from all her excuses. And no evidence to back herself up.

If I was (Belle) to prove that I was in fact not a liar, I would have all the documents, emails and paper work of visits and scans/treatments from the hospital or doctors to prove my innocence, that I did have cancer – but Belle has not done that. She has not identified Mark Johns, the doctor she claims had diagnosed her with cancer. The fact that she did not simply go to the doctor or the hospital makes me very suspicious. She is still continuing her lie. She must have something wrong with her if she cannot see the damage she has caused and is still causing by continuing to lie.

There was one particular post I remember (on Instagram) which was that she said she a stroke and she was in hospital and had supposedly been diagnosed with four different cancers. She looked AMAZING and was at a party that night. I felt sorry for her and was shocked for her. I was sad for her child, that she may not ever see her son again. What I don’t get is WHY she didn’t scream from the roof tops that she didn’t have cancer anymore. I have never had cancer but I can imagine how painful and gruelling this disease can be, so when she didn’t say anything, it didn’t make any sense to me that she didn’t. The fight is over! You don’t have to fight cancer anymore! You can live normally again! Why wouldn’t you be happy that you’re not dying? But she wasn’t dying at all.  There was no cancer. She didn’t have anything of it. She was loving the sympathy. She was loving the gifts. The money. The fame. She didn’t want to let that go and she still won’t. She won’t apologise. And that makes me angry.

Oh, and another thing – I was given the Cosmopolitan Magazine who were running a competition among celebrities, Belle Included, for the title of ‘Fun Fearless Female Award.’ I remember telling my mum about her and hoping that she’d win. She did. And she won over everybody.

She has deceived many people and REAL cancer sufferers. How can someone deceive poor, sick people and not feel guilty in any way? She had her chance to come clean and she blew it. Now she’ll have to die guilty. And that is her own fault.

Give it up, Belle.





I’ve been vegan for maybe 7 months now, but toward the end I’ve been adding some dairy from time to time, but I like to stay vegan as much as possible because the dairy isn’t making me feel good anymore.

Last Christmas, I found the company Angel Food, which make dairy free alternative foods, perfect for those who can’t consume dairy or are vegan. (But it’s not just for those people, it’s enjoyed by dairy and meat consumers, too!) I purchased their mozzarella (which I put on pizza for Christmas dinner) and also their parmesan, which I can say is AMAZING, (perfect for eggplant parmesan, but that’s another story.) They don’t just have cheeses, they also have smokonut which is made of coconut that is turned into bacon and there are also meringues!


They’ve just come out with two new products; Cheesy Sauce Mix in Mild and Tasty. FINALLY I can have macaroni and cheese, lasagnes, put it on vegetables and make nachos. This time round, I’m going to be testing out the Tasty flavour for my nachos, and try the Mild one in another blog post.

  • NACHOS: Things you’ll need:
  • ANGEL FOOD Cheesy Sauce Mix – Tasty
  • non-dairy milk (I used almond milk)
  • Beans (preferably kidney, I also used cannelini) or if you eat meat, use mince too
  • (optional) pasta sauce
  • (optional) nacho seasoning
  • corn chips (any kind you have/like)
  • (optional) avocado

All you need to do is add beans to a pan with seasoning and pasta sauce on a medium heat until cooked. This took about 5 minutes. Lay corn chips into a dish or onto a plate, pour beans over the top. For the sauce, add half a cup of dry mixture into a pan and slowly add 2-3 cups of non dairy milk depending on how thick you want it. It will take 3 minutes, but you can do this in the microwave, if you’d like, but it took too long so I put it in a pan on a medium heat and it immediately thickened, so I suggest doing that. Pour as much as you like onto the nacho mix, and there you have it. Add toppings if you like.



My opinion is that the mozzarella and parmesan would go better on here, and that this sauce is better suited to lasagne and pastas, but it still was great. It’s not real cheese, so it’s obviously not going to taste like real cheese, but it has that cheesy flavour, sort of like carbonara. It’s not my favourite but it’s still nice.

In my next post i’ll be trying out the Mild Cheesy Sauce mix with vegetables! Because who likes vegetables? It’s always better with sauce.

Did you know that Hells Pizza have a vegan pizza, using Angel Food Mozzarella cheese? Now you do! Go get one… and tell me what it’s like! Go and try ANGEL FOOD products, you can go to their website and find out if it’s stocked near you.